Farm Tires & Wheels, Tubes & Rim Guard Ballast Available

Your agricultural equipment is only one part of equation when it comes to performance. You need reliable tires and well maintained wheels to get the job done from sun-up to sundown. At Parker Tire Service, we offer leading brands of OTR tires, AG tires, tire tubes, and wheels, as well as Rim Guard liquid tire ballast.

Get More Out Of Your Farm Tires & Wheels

The farm tires and rims in our selection are designed specifically for high-horsepower farm equipment. Our farm tires feature added wear, added traction, reduced soil compaction, and improved load carrying capabilities. All tires in our selection are composed of a heavy duty rubber compound for long lasting tread life.

What are your specific agricultural applications? Every farm tire at our shop offers unique advantages.

We stock tires & wheels for the following farm equipment:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Backhoes
  • Sprayers
  • Trailers
  • Cultivators
  • Handlers
  • Combines
  • Sorters

Based on your farm equipment and standard application, our sales staff can help locate the perfect tire and wheel for your agricultural needs.

To help you locate the right replacement farm tire, our sales staff will want to know the size of the tire, the size of the rim, the overall diameter, maximum load carrying capacity, and tire type (radial or bias).

Our farm tires are suited for tough conditions. If your farm work involves traversing muddy conditions or working in the field, our tires are up for the task. We’ve also got OTR tires and farm tire tubes available for your equipment.

Protect Farm Wheels with Rim Guard®
Tire Ballast in Swanton, OH
We offer Rim Guard® Liquid Tire Ballast. This non-corrosive tire ballast is used by
farmers nationwide to maximize pulling power and improve balance and stability.

Rim Guard® is a Beet Juice tire ballast that overcomes the common pitfalls of
other liquid ballasts. Its special formula offers you several benefits:
Almost 30% heavier than water
Non-Toxic & Biodegradable
Free Resistant down to -35°F
Cost-Effective (No Inner Tubes Needed & Easy Tire Repair)
Ask about Rim Guard® installation for your tires at (419) 822-TIRE.